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    Robinson Outdoor Ventures offers sophisticated automated mosquito misting systems with features and versatility like no other competitively priced system in the industry. The AirStreme AMS05 series controllers integrate advanced electronics and durable mid-pressure pumps into one sleek and refined mosquito misting system. Imagine having the flexibility of digital programming with a back lit display and a 365-day calendar clock to accommodate even the most demanding range of programming options.
    Whether used for misting water or chemical formulations, AirStreme AMS05 Controllers provide high quality and reliable service for many industrial and consumer applications. AMS05 Controllers set the standard for class, function and versatility.

Features and Benefits:
  • Integrated Controller Design- pump and programmable controller in one clean and polished system.
  • Adjustable Programming- offers time of day and repeat cycle programming with adjustable run and off times.
  • Touch Pad Programming- Easy to use and easy to program.
  • Weather/Corrosion Resistant Enclosure- manufactured from impact resistant thermoplastics that will not rust, dent or peel.
  • Internal Pressure Gauge & Regulation- allows precise control of flow and pressure control  and prevents tampering.
  • Remote Control Ready- includes circuitry to accommodate an AirStreme remote control.
  • 365-day Calendar Clock- real time clock and calendar with auto daylight savings time adjustment.
  • Large Backlit LCD Display- easy to read, even in low light.
  • Non-Volatile Memory- holds programs indefinitely, an assurance against unreliable power.
  • Battery Back-Up -retains and restores calendar and clock functions in power outages.
  • Tamper Proof- lockable enclosure and internally mounted components with software lock-out prevents tampering.
  • Install- quickly mounts to a wall or tank.
  • Electrically Certified- certified to North American electrical standards.

*tank mounting brackets sold separately.
Easy To Install- Mount On The Wall Or On The Tank
Provide a level of refinement and class to satisfy even the most discerning client. Optional wall or tank mounting adds flexibility and variety to installations while maintaining a clean and sophisticated appearance. Quick connect fittings allow fast and secure connections of plumbing parts while internally mounted components and programming lock-out features prevent tampering.
Customized Programming To Meet Every Need
With both event and repeat cycle programming included in the AMS05 advanced software package, operators can easily customize the misting settings to meet the specific needs of almost any application. From simple everyday event based programming to individual day repeat & event based programs, the AMS05 controller is the ultimate in automated mosquito misting systems.

Currently serving Northwest Houston, Magnolia, The Woodlands, Tomball, Spring, Cypress, Waller, Conroe, Hockley, Texas and the Champions/Willowbrook area.

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